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First Trinity Financial Corporation (FTFC) is an insurance holding company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. FTFC operates two life insurance companies, Trinity Life Insurance Company (TLIC), Tulsa, Oklahoma and Family Benefit Life Insurance Company (FBLIC), Jefferson City, Missouri.

FTFC’s insurance operations began in early 2007 marketing one product in the state of Oklahoma. In 2008, FTFC acquired First Life America Corporation (FLAC) a Kansas based life insurer. FLAC offered both traditional life insurance and fixed annuity products in eight states. In 2009, FLAC was re-domesticated to Oklahoma and merged with TLIC. In 2011, TLIC acquired Family Benefit Life Insurance Company (FBLIC) a 47 year old life insurance company in Jefferson City, MO. At the time of its acquisition FBLIC was licensed in seven states. TLIC and FBLIC offer a wide variety of Whole Life, Final Expense, Term Life, and Fixed Annuity Products.

Since inception, FTFC’s insurance operations have grown from a single state operation to 26 states. As of December 31, 2016, total consolidated assets were $333,252,613, statutory premium income reached $67,582,206, and shareholder equity was $36,280,275. For additional information on the life insurance products and annuities offered by TLIC and FBLIC go to their websites: www.trinitylifeinsurance.com and www.familybenefitlife.com.


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