First Trinity Financial Makes Investments in Illinois and Texas


Tulsa based First Trinity Financial Corp, continues to make investments in both the Texas and Illinois markets. First Trinity Financial recently invested in Texas Republic Capital Corporation, a financial holding company located in Dallas. Texas Republic Capital announced that it has raised over 10.3 million in private placements, and has filed for a $25 million intrastate public offering in the state of Texas at $5.00 per share.

This 10.3 million in private placements is twice as much as Texas Republic’s original goal of raising 5 million by the end of 2013.

“The placements we have made in Texas are truly significant; much of the credit of the success thus far in raising capital in Texas for Texas Republic Capital is a direct result of the success we have had in Oklahoma with First Trinity Financial,” said Gregg Zahn, Chairman of Texas Republic Capital and CEO of First Trinity Financial.

Zahn’s vision for First Trinity is to grow by controlled organic growth, strategic acquisitions and by investing in new startup insurance holdings using the same business model as First Trinity.

In addition to the investments in Texas, First Trinity Financial has made a substantial investment in an Illinois-based startup, Royalty Capital Corporation.

“Last month Royalty Capital Corporation kicked off a $5 million private placement at $1.25 per share, which we anticipate to complete in the next 90-120 days,” said Zahn.

First Trinity Financial began its insurance operations in 2007 and has seen exponential growth over the last 5 years with expansion into Missouri, Illinois, Texas and 14 other states and assets now exceeding $185,000,000. Zahn’s key to growth has been strategic acquisitions that allow subsidiary companies to retain their local roots and identity when feasible.

About First Trinity Financial

First Trinity Financial Corporation ( is an insurance holding company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. First Trinity Financial operates two life insurance subsidiaries, Trinity Life Insurance Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Family Benefit Life Insurance Company, Jefferson City, Missouri, and are focused on term life insurance, whole life insurance and annuities.

In a series of stock offerings, First Trinity Financial successfully raised $26,475,000 through Private Placement and public stock offerings. First Trinity Financial is currently owned by over 4,000 Oklahoma residents. Since inception, First Trinity Financial has dedicated itself to help stem the outflow of capital from our state by providing a broadly held Oklahoma financial services corporation offering innovative, attractive and competitive financial products and financial services.

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